Epic Marketing Fails

Learn how to do marketing from those who don't

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12 Epic Marketing Fails That Made the World Cringe

We humans have developed somewhat of a taste for watching others struggle. Don’t believe me? Consider the prevalence of internet entertainment based solely on the epic #fail — stumbles, slips, falls, and general public embarrassment get little sympathy from our side of the monitor.

Big brand marketing decisions, too, are apt to display similar lapses in logic or grace. I’m not here to make you feel guilty about taking joy in such matters (as I’ve had my fair share of laughs, too), but I’m here to make some sense of why we relish failure and, better yet, how we can use it for good in our own marketing. Because even if you’re good at hiding your own failures (be honest, we all trip up), mistakes are a great reminder that we’re only human.

For those of us witnessing these faux pas, let’s strive to be 1) understanding and 2) learn how we can avoid similar slip ups in our own marketing. So, here are the 12 biggest marketing fails of 2012. Time to learn from these doozies…

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